Focus on information, extend when you expand.

Meta concept

Today's solutions

Many traditional information systems and intranet applications are created for specific purpose - CRM, ERP, BI, and so on. Each of this system is single robust application. When you need something special, its difficult to extend these systems and it is financially expensive.

Imagine high modular system where you can create or purchase micro-applications built for specific purpose. For example - customer evidence, billing system, document management, e-mail client, etc. And these micro-applications are built to work together with others via universal API interface.

Use-case scenerio

  1. Starting company - When you start small company you just need a customer evidence. You are entrepreneur and billing is on your own.
  2. Hiring employees - When you grow a little bit and employ co-workers you need to work together. Now you need a shared billing system so you purchase billing app which is connected to customer app.
  3. More and more clients - You are doing well and project management is difficult to do with paper and spreadsheets. Why buying project management software? You can purchase another simple app for project management which is connected to customer evidence and billing system.

It sounds great, isn't it?


Concept of MetaPlatform is based on micro-apps architecture.

Platform will provide back-end and front-end framework for building specific micro-apps.


MetaPlatform will also provide Market when you will be able to purchase pre-built micro-apps for specific use-cases.

For example: customer evidence, billing, project management, network evidence, etc...